Dr. Johnny Bowden has released the New You in 22 diet. Bowden’s new addition to the eight books he has already published in recent years is expected to be the most popular book he’s contributed to the weight loss and fitness industry. In a single phrase, he described his newest, and perhaps his hottest, masterpiece as the “metabolic transformation guide.”

But does New You in 22 work? Is it any good and what’s it all about? In this review, we’ll cover all of that. Please note, this is not the official website. If you’re looking for the New You in 22 website you can visit it by clicking here. This website is simply a review of the diet.

About The Author

Jonny BowdenFirst of all, if you’re not familiar with Dr. Bowden and his work, he does have a good educational background. His early health interest led him to the path of understanding nutrition and how to maximize the potentials of food nutrients for the good of the human body. He even earned a PhD in nutrition.

The man can also be trusted in matters related to psychology and behavioral problems. His master’s degree credits give him the right to offer counseling and personality development services. Bowden garnered several certifications and awards, making him competent to practice as a personal trainer as well.

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Dr. Bowden has an unconventional approach to losing weight and this approach is much evident to the concepts he presented in his latest work. He always wants to know why cutting down on food consumption isn’t working the way people are expecting it to work. He believes that this is not the right solution and that this long-held belief about weight loss might be putting people’s health to risk.

Really, he deserves some credit because he is one of the very few who wants to expose the real issues behind weight gain and weight loss. He says that the problem of weight gain and weight loss should be blamed on the following:

  • People’s lack of drive to eat what is right for their body.
  • People’s inability to resist eating harmful foods.

Sounds simple enough, right? But those really are the issues that are hard to overcome.

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The New You in 22 Diet

There are mental, behavioral and psychological aspects to the problem and the Bowden is on a continuous research to unravel more secrets. As long as there are people who need help and there are people who are getting results from his methods, he will not tire of looking for solutions to weight problems.


New You in 22 is somewhat of a continuation or fortification of his ideas presented in his previous book titled “Living Low in Carb.” Whereas the Living Low in Carb tackles the subject of having low carb diets, his latest work centers on eating carbs, and even feasting on carbs, during the night.
With the carbs-at-night strategy, the author promises that they will change from a machine that burns sugar to one that burns and utilizes fat.

Bowden said that with his methodology, he is solving the problem on the exact point where intervention should be targeted – the metabolic mechanism of the body.

The diet aims to actually fix your metabolism. The projection is within 22 days, your metabolic processes will work exactly the way it was programmed to work.

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The New You in 22 weight loss methodology is based on the following assumptions:

It is a human instinct to eat at night. This assumption is based on the idea that man’s ancestors had to hunt during the day with the women left to take care of the children. Food was brought home before sunset and the whole tribe prepared themselves and the table for the dinner feast. That was how the body got its fuel for the hard work to do come next day.

Bowden argued that this eating system should be implemented as well in the present day. Everyone has the right to eat carbs and meat, but it should be done at the proper time. New You in 22 will guide you on what to eat, how much to eat, and the right time to eat.

Hunger intensifies at night time. Bowden believes that the stomach gets hungry during night – especially during the time that one is about to sleep which, for most people, is the time when they are watching TV. Without overindulging, people should take sufficient amount of food during the dinner feasting, he argued. For Bowden, this is the surest way for one to avoid feeling the hunger pang before and during bedtime.

Be practical by eating lighter meals during the day. Using common sense and being practical are also useful. According to Bowden, people’s eating habits tend to go against the natural processes of the body. People should not eat big meals during the day because big meals can make one tired and out of focus. Eat light meals and work hard during the day. During the night, when your body is about to relax and take its naturally-scheduled rest, eat sufficient amount of food to recharge.

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Negative Consumer Reviews

Some users pointed out the following drawbacks:

  • It is hard to adjust the body to the new system. The change in lifestyle is abrupt as the program is to take its entire course in 22 days.
  • You have to learn a bunch of recipes so you can have a complete meal plan for at least one whole week. Learning new recipes can consume much time.

Positive Consumer Reviews

The good things about this weight loss strategy are:

  • There is sufficient scientific basis for the implementation of the strategy.
  • It is not required for a user to starve.
  • This product is returnable within 60 days. This signals that the author has high confidence in his product. If anything becomes frustrating, just feel free to claim the full refund within the allowable period.

Where To Buy

For those wishing to buy New You in 22 there is only one place to get it – the official website. The program is being offered at a huge discount (at least during the time of writing this) of only $37.


When you purchase the program you’ll get an option to buy downloadable PDF’s or physical books as well as downloadable PDF’s.

The books included are the following:

  • Metabolic Transformation Guide (main New You in 22 diet)
  • Metabolic Meals Blueprint
  • Metabolic Quick Start Guide
  • The World’s 50 Most Powerful Fat Burning Foods
  • The Truth About Fat Burning Supplements
  • 5 Worst Exercises that Damage Your Metabolism
  • Daily Metabolic Motivational Emails

As mentioned, Dr. Bowden is offering a 60 day, money back guarantee to any who do purchase the program and are not satisfied… you’re probably not going to need to get a refund, but if you are all you have to do is email them at support@newyouin22.com or call them.

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