Jonny BowdenDr. Jonny Bowden has a unique approach to weight loss and he is continuously on the research to expose the real issue. This expert is not following the usual method of cutting down on food consumption. He is reminding everyone to stop once and for all this dangerous weight loss methodology as it is only a sure way towards failure.

He said he is providing a lasting result for those who have been through a lot of weight loss programs that only support the vicious cycle of losing weight temporarily and then gaining what has been lost. He is attacking the problem by zeroing in on the following sources of weight gain that he had identified:

  • The lack of drive to eat the right food
  • Eating harmful foods

Dr. Bowden believes that there are mental and psychological aspects to the problem. Tackling the problem this way is providing victims a solid foundation, according to the health guru. He continues to do what he is doing because success rate among clients who are using his methodologies is incessantly increasing.

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Educational Background

The man has a background in nutrition. He can also be trusted in matters related to personal development and counseling as he had earned a PhD in the field of Psychology. He is one of few experts who have earned several certifications that made him qualified to practice as a personal trainer.

You can read his contributions in popular television and radio shows, magazines and newspapers such as Shape, In Style, Ladies’ Home Journal, Men’s Health, Allure, Marie Claire, Family Circle, Fitness, Self, Seventeen, Oxygen, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair Online, and Forbes Online.