Detoxing can often be a misunderstood process for those who are looking to lose weight. For many individuals, the word “detox” essentially alludes to the idea of going on crazy fasts that will help shed weight in a hurry. Sure, those processes will help shed weight, but the weight loss will be unhealthy and lead to horrible results for one’s health. This is never a desired route and should not be combined with the concept of “detox” because that is not what the process is all about. Let’s take a look at what detox is all about and its relation with weight loss.


Before looking at its effects on losing weight, it is essential to understand what detox is all about. In short, detoxing is the act of cleaning out the blood and impurities. Detox is the idea of changing one’s diet and moving away from junk food and other comfort foods that might be harming one’s ability to shed weight. It can be difficult to do first as the body is used to craving those foods. It can become a tough urge to fight off, but it is possible for those who want to. With the right dietary changes, one is already on their way towards a proper detoxing approach.

Eating More

Is this not contrary to popular belief? Does eating not reduce one’s chances of losing weight and becoming fit? Eating more is often a solution for losing weight, but it depends on what is being consumed. There is no point in gauging down an enormous amount of junk food because that leads to negative results both in the short and long-term.

Eating more is dependent upon making sure one is detoxing in a manner that is healthy and great for their long-term life. When it comes to eating more, one should be getting in all of their food groups and eating things that are determined to being a positive addition to their diet. It can be difficult to do, but one is able to eat more, while still seeing a reduction in weight as they wanted.


When talking about detoxing, it is essential to move beyond the mere concept. How can it be applied to one’s lifestyle and approach to losing weight? Is there a method out there that ensures one will start shedding weight both in the short-run and long-run?

Yes, there are a range of foods available for those who want to change around their diet. It is not an easy decision to make, but one that will have long-term benefits for those who decide to.

Some of the foods that can be added to one’s diet include dark greens, calciferous vegetables, and sea vegetables. All of these have an immense benefit for those who want to see results. After eating purely detox foods, it is best to follow up your program by easing into your normal diet. Start off with eating low to no carb diet that consists of eating some fat and then slowly add in some healthy carbs gradually. Also, make sure to get in a good workout before your carb meals as this will prepare your body to use the carbs for muscle and not fat.


There is nothing worse than simply jumping into the process and making a lot of mistakes. While, it is better to do something than nothing, it is not a mistake that one who has done their research should be making.

Detox can be done alongside weight loss because they are inter-linked with each other. Without detox, there is no point in losing weight because it will never happen. No amount of time in the gym will lead to desired results without changing one’s diet.

This can only be done when one has a plan in place to make sure the days of eating poorly are behind them. Once this plan is in place, one can start moving towards a meaningful solution that will last for a long time.

Detox is all about making the right dietary decisions that will lead to quality results now and later.