One of the big questions of many people is what impacts fat loss more: exercise or diet? While some treat weight loss as a simple calorie counting routine in which the amount of calories you eat should be lower than the amount of calories you burn out. As your body doesn’t find enough energy in the food you give it, it starts burning off fat and this is how you lose weight. This may work for some people, but others discovered they may even starve themselves and yet weight loss doesn’t happen.

There were some studies done to investigate these beliefs and the results were surprising. It turned out that people who believed diet is more important than exercise had a lower BMI than those who believed exercise rules.

Why then, there are people in both categories who seem not to be able to lose weight, despite the fact that the rule they follow works perfectly for others? The answer might be in the personal choices we all make. If somebody is convinced weight loss is possible only by controlling the amount of exercise, they may not be able to lose weight if their regular calorie intake for an average day is 3000. There’s no way somebody can work out that much energy because there’s simply not enough free time in a day to do it. On the other hand, if somebody regularly eats about 1500 – 2000 calories per day on average, they may be able to consume more, therefore lose weight over a period of time, if they stick to their exercise schedule long enough.

People who only believe you need to eat less in order to lose weight may also be able to lose it or not. If you sit at your computer all day long and your only trips are to the bathroom or kitchen, you may not lose any weight, even if your daily calorie intake is 1000. That’s simply because you won’t burn even that little, since you have any kind of movement or active life. If you aren’t active, your body will produce less endorphins, therefore your metabolism may slow down. This is what happens to some individuals who swear they eat so little that they almost starve, yet they are still overweight.

The answer to this burning question is probably that it depends on the person trying to lose weight. Burning fat is more a matter of combining a healthy diet and lifestyle with sustained activity or some form of cardio exercise, done more or less every day. Exercise has been proven to have a positive effect on the human body and on the health, in general. It speeds up metabolism, it tones the muscles, it strengthens the core and it also has a positive impact on the brain. These are only a few reasons why everybody should include a form of exercise into their daily habits, be it they want to lose weight or simply to maintain it.

Another keyword of healthy fat loss is moderation. If you do understand that a balanced mix of eating whatever you wish and exercise regularly can help you lose weight, if your “eating whatever you wish” means swallowing cookie after cookie and chocolate after chocolate while working on your computer or watching the late evening news, it won’t work for you. Yes, one can eat everything and still lose weight, but they have to find their moderation in everything, food included.

One last thing to keep in mind is that exercise has the property of inducing a better night sleep, if you do it some three hours before going to bed. More sleep means less late night eating, therefore you may say one can lose weight while sleeping. If you are well rested, your bodily functions will improve, your digestion will be better, your levels of stress will be lower, therefore your whole body will work for your general well-being. This will not only bring you the body you ever wanted, but it will also give you self-confidence and a better mood that will make you see how beautiful life is and how silly some people are for missing this point.