Although everyone would like to live a totally stress free life, it is probably an unattainable goal. Just living a relatively normal life in our modern world involves a certain amount of stress, and that may even be a good thing. If we didn’t feel some stress about performing our job well, paying our bills on time and maintaining healthy relationships, we might be tempted to make no effort in these areas. That could lead to disaster in almost every case, so feeling stress (or pressure) to take care of our responsibilities can be a good thing.

The stress people feel is related more to how they deal with everyday pressures than the actual stress producing circumstances they face. Organization is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress because when all the details of life can be mapped out, it is possible to deal with them one at a time.

Sometimes people fail to see they not only have more control over the events of their life, but they actually have the responsibility to organize their life more effectively. It does no good to blame other people, the work environment or even the weather about how they are unable to cope with the many details of their life. On the other hand, it can be very helpful to categorize and prioritize each situation so a determination can be made about which problem should be addressed first. Each person will have a different view to this solution since managing stress cannot be solved with a one size fits all approach.

Although there doesn’t seem to be a way to totally eliminate stress, there are ways to help minimize it. The best methods of accomplishing this will depend largely on the personality of the individual. Some people find it difficult to refuse people who ask for help, even when it is obvious the time and effort involved will not really make a noticeable difference. This type of person needs to reduce the demands on their time end energy by choosing to be helpful only in the case of a real need.

Some people seem to cause stress to others wherever they go, and it is wise to reduce contact with this type of personality. If this person happens to be a spouse or dependent child, cutting off contact with them is probably not the best choice, but perhaps counseling sessions could improve the situation considerably. If the person is a co-worker or (even worse) the boss, the best choice is to focus on performing work responsibilities as well and professionally as possible. Hopefully, this will result in a promotion to a position away from the stress producing situation.

Relaxation, exercise and a healthy diet are potent stress relievers, and it is also possible to combine them. Following a regular exercise regime is relaxing for most people, and since exercise stimulates the release of the calming hormone, seratonin, stress is likely to be greatly reduced during physical exertion. Walking or running outdoors through a park, or just sitting to relax and enjoy the view can be very calming.

The busy lives most people lead can make it difficult to find time to relax, but leisure activities and enjoyable hobbies are another great way to focus attention away from stress producing thoughts. The activity may be something that requires a lot of energy, or it may be something like reading or spending time with a favorite pet. If close friends or family members have some of the same interests, enjoying those activities with them can be effective in reducing stressful feelings.