Hello, and welcome to this New You in 22 review. This is a look at Jonny Bowden’s new program. I was able to get it, and so I thought it would be cool to show you what it’s about, show you a sneak peek at the inside of the book and give you a little overview of it.

I know it’s kind of a bummer with buying products online versus in a bookstore, because I know I like to go in and pick up the book and skim through it, check out the table of contents and that sort of thing. So I thought it would be cool to at least show you that, even though you won’t be able to hold the book yet.

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When you buy New You in 22, the program comes with actual books that are mailed to you. There are four books with the main course. There’s the Quick Start Guide. It’s a 17-page, basically just charts and graphs. It let’s you log where you’re at now, and then you can track your progress throughout the 22 days. It also has some questionnaires to get you going.
The other book is the Metabolic Meals Blueprint, and the Metabolic Meals for Life. Both books are about 80 pages and contain shopping lists and recipes that you can use as you choose for the program. So that’s about it on those.

For the main part of this review I just want to go over the main program, the Metabolic Transformation Guide. Now this is a 117 pages, with the last 4 of them being just references to the scientific research that backed this program. So this isn’t just like Jonny Bowden’s ideas or a theory, this is actually a really cool approach to eating and living, to get your metabolism really working right, and it’s all based by science, which I really like, myself.

Here is the table of contents. I’m not sure if you’re able to read it or not. I don’t know how big this video will be, but it’s broken up into three main sections as far as the meat of the program goes. Section 1 is Fat Burning 101, Section 2 is The Pathways to Optimal Fat Burning, and Section 3 is Your Fat Burning Step-by-Step Blueprint.

Section 1, Jonny talks about what it’s going to take and what it does take to really get your body optimized. So there’s surveys in here, and I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that most of us fall under this category, is under a sugar burner. The focus of this book is to go from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.

Because when our bodies are burning sugar, that’s when you get the yoyo dieting effect. You may lose five pounds or so, and that’s just going to be the glycogen in your muscles, which is sugar, and then maybe some water weight. This program really takes you from that into true fat burning mode. So that’s when you’re actually going to see results that are long-term, and when the pounds stay off.

Jonny defines five pathways to optimal fat burning, the first being nutrition, the second being sleep, the third is stress, the fourth is detoxification, and the fifth is exercise. He defines them and talks about them here in this section, and then in the third section is where he gets really detailed on how you’re going to optimize each one of those.

Just so you know, the nutrition, it’s basically a low-carb diet, but what’s really cool is you eat carbs at night, not in the morning. That, I know, goes against a lot of old-school thinking, but that’s really the modern technology or scientific research, is finding that that’s actually much more optimal for us. Then the sleep, the quality and length of sleep, stress management, detoxification, and exercise again.

What I thought was cool about exercise also goes against what you hear a lot, where Dr. Bowden says that just walking for 20 or 30 minutes a day is going to be as efficient burning fat in your body as an intense exercise is until your body is really working at an optimal level. So for most of us, just go for a walk. That’ll get it done. Here’s the section 101, and then Why Being a Fat Burner is Superior.

This book is really awesome. I’m really excited about it, and I really do think it’s a great book. I think if you’re familiar with Jonny Bowden, that won’t come as a surprise to you. He’s fun, he’s a good author, and he’s a smart man. Here’s the references I was talking to you about. There’s four pages of these scientific references. I thought that was cool. I appreciated that.

As I mentioned, you get actual hardcopy books mailed to you, but you also get pdf downloads. So as soon as you purchase the program, you get a link to download pdf’s of the books. You can open those on your computer or your tablet or your smartphone. That’s really cool, because you can take the Metabolic Meals Guide shopping with you. So there’s your shopping list on your phone. If you maybe forget something or anything like that, it’s always handy. But of course it’s nice to have a real book, which is mailed to you.

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Well, I hope this New You in 22 review was helpful. You’ll see on the screen there that I have a website with even more details if you want to read about it. Go ahead and click on the link below. There’s a description under the video here. So click on the link to New You in 22 review, and we’ll talk about pricing and discounts and ordering and delivery and all that sort of thing. Have a good one.